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VJ Maa-aines Oy meets the toughest civil engineering challenges 

VJ Maa-aines Oy carries out all civil engineering projects with solid experience throughout the Uusimaa region. We have the equipment for a wide range of projects and, of course, the best professionals to use them. We have, for example, heaters for thawing frozen ground, and long boom excavators. We update our equipment regularly to meet the latest environmental requirements. Have a look at our equipment on this page, contact us and request a quote!

Tracked excavators

  • Excavator kkht 1 ton

    3 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 3,5 ton

    3 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 5 ton

    3 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 8 ton

    2 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 10 ton

    2 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 10 ton 3D

    2 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 15 ton 3D

    4 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 20 tn 3D

    2 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 25 ton 3D

    5 pcs

  • Excavator kkht 30 ton 3D

    2 pcs

Wheeled excavators

  • Excavator kkhp 10 ton

    2 pcs

  • Excavator kkhp 16 ton 3D

    6 pcs

  • Excavator kkhp 19 ton 3D

    7 pcs

Long boom excavators

  • Tracked excavator kkhtPP 8

    1 pcs

  • Tracked excavator kkhtPP 21 tn

    1 pcs

  • Tracked excavator kkhtPP 30 tn

    1 pcs

  • Wheeled excavator kkhpPP 27 tn

    1 pcs

Wheeled loaders

  • Wheeled loader Kup 30

    2 pcs

  • Wheeled loader Kup 45

    5 pcs

  • Wheeled loader Kup 110

    5 pcs

  • Wheeled loader Kup 150

    2 pcs

Heater for thawing frozen ground 10 pcs

Comprehensive range of accessories

Our excavators come with a comprehensive range of accessories, including a rotator in all our machines. We also offer such accessories as pincers, rammers, various buckets and grapples, and boom brushes. Excavators over 5 tons are equipped with 3D measuring equipment.

For cable pulling, our company has a hydraulic cable pulling device that guarantees stable performance in long and demanding pulls.


As an additional service, we perform Loadman measurements, which are used to check the load-bearing capacity of foundations and soil foundations.


Our service trucks deliver lasers and all other special tools needed for civil engineering to the site. They also deliver all the tools and accessories necessary for the job. Contact us for further details about our services!

Civil engineering services

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