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VJ Maa-aines Oy is a customer-oriented civil engineering company based in Klaukkala, Finland. We carry out all kinds of civil engineering jobs with confidence. We operate in the entire Uusimaa region, and by agreement also in other parts of Finland. Contact us and we'll tell you more!

Infrastructure construction professional

We provide a wide range of civil engineering services according to customer needs. We specialise in challenging projects in the Greater Helsinki area. Our staff are highly professional and motivated. We use modern equipment and, if necessary, operate the whole site completely emissions-free. We emphasise the professional skills of our staff, work towards a sustainable future and have modern equipment to guarantee the best possible results for our customers.

Flexible collaboration with other professionals in the field

Most of our customers are construction companies. We cooperate with such companies as YIT, NCC, Louhintahiekka, Destia, and with property management companies. We employ dozens of professionals who handle all civil engineering and machinery services flexibly.

Burst pipe? We’ll handle it fast!

The equipment and the workers will be on site in no time.
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 Installation of electric vehicle charging unit

We carry out excavation work for electric vehicle charging units any location.

What our customers says about us:

"What sets VJ Maa-aines apart is its excellent service. They are true professionals."

"Our partners must be contractors who are always alert and easily accessible – VJ Maa-aines is just that."

"When VJ Maa-aines was chosen as a partner, their active approach and ability to see their own work as part of the whole immediately stood out."

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The job may be large or small, but VJ Maa-aines Oy is always happy to serve you. Ask for more information or ask for a quote today! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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