An experienced contractor in infrastructure construction in Uusimaa, Finland

VJ Maa-aines Oy – Professional civil engineering and machinery services 

VJ Maa-aines Oy carries out all kinds of civil engineering and machinery services in the Uusimaa region. We also offer services in other parts of Finland. We take on jobs of all sizes, so do not hesitate to contact with any work you may have. You can ring us up, send email or use the form on this page. 

Teollisuustie 55, 01800 Klaukkala
Business ID: 2450309-1

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Ville Sainio

Ville Sainio

CEO, work supervision

+358 50 371 9498

Johannes Malvila

Johannes Malvila

Work supervision

+358 46 923 7992

Hanna Sainio

Hanna Sainio

Financial management and administration, HR, general management

+358 44 7582 675

Elli Peipponen

Elli Peiponen

Management assistant

+358 50 9116483

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When you need a civil engineering company for your project in Klaukkala or elsewhere in the Uusimaa region, please contact us.